NATO Championship

The last chance for American military personnel to submit nominations for the NATO Championship in September in Quebec is fast approaching! The deadline for submissions is 1-Jun-14, which is Sunday! Contact Colonel David Hater if you are interested in joining the team. The Department of Defense does not fund participation in this tournament, so participants […]

2014 Gem City Open

The annual Gem City Open Chess Tournament was held this past weekend in Dayton, Ohio at the Dayton Chess Club. Family commitments kept me away from this year’s event, but the results of the tournament are now available from the USCF and it looks like it was quite an amazing tournament! Ronald Burnett is the […]

Bobby Fischer the Maniac?

It is a common misconception that Bobby Fischer, who is widely regarded as one of the greatest chess players of all time, was a maniac. Unfortunately, the man once known as a hero of America for ending Soviet domination of the World Chess Championship descended into hate-filled rants and reclusiveness immediately after his victory over […]