It has been a very exciting week here at! Of course you might know that I finally managed to break through my plateaued blitz rating and pass into 900 ELO territory! This is very exciting for me because the last time I had a 900 ELO was back in the summer as my ratings dropped rapidly to equalize from the standard 1200 ELO given to all new players on Once I broke through the barrier I have had relatively little trouble maintaining a 925-940 ELO range. The game below is an example of some of the interesting and competitive play I have faced recently.

Of course, this week was not without its scares, which I guess is appropriate for the Halloween season. The next game was a heart stopping affair in which I managed a dramatic comeback with the help of some blunders by my opponent and sheer blessings from the chess gods.

In addition to this week’s ratings rise, there are new wallpapers available on the newly renovated Downloads page. The official pages for OMC Weekly Review and OMC Quarterly Review have also been moved out from underneath the downloads section and now have their own link under Publications on the main navigation bar. This is to facilitate the growing number of publications and related activities coming down the road.