Reflections on Losing

I normally reserve these kind of summary posts for the My Chess Week posts, but this streak almost demands some attention. For my own sanity, my wife placed me on a half-week online chess hiatus after I took an incredible beating on Tuesday as I went 4-15 in 5|0 blitz on When I first […]

My Chess Week (July 21-27 [2014])

Welcome to My Chess Week, where I write about my weekly exploits across the chess board! As we will see, things did not get much better for me as I concluded two more correspondence games and struggle with the psychological effects of chess disaster. However, some redemption appeared later in the week during live online […]

Finding the Right Notation Tool

Tracking game notation in chess means different things to different people. For some, it is a necessary evil for tracking the outcome of tournament matches, while for others it is a lifeblood of the game in which a player can re-live his or her past mistakes and triumphs. Regardless, tracking chess notation is essential for […]

The Ohio Masters is Approaching!

The Ohio Chess Association (OCA) is proud to present the first ever Ohio Masters at the Dayton Chess Club (DCC) on July 25-27. Sponsored by the Ohio Chess Academy and the Dayton Chess Club, the event consists of a unique open format which consists of One Section that is open to all players. On-site registration […]

Five Inspiring Chess Movies

Chess has been gaining increasing prevalence in the mainstream media for its ability to relate to the human condition. The trials and tribulations of the common man are fitting anachronisms for the movement of the pieces on the board. Nowhere is this more apparent than on the silver screen where Hollywood has brought the game […]