Normally I reserve these entries for the weekend reviews, but things have been so exciting over the last few days that I could not wait to share. As most of you know, the primary purpose of this blog is for me to document my chess studies, improvements, and interests. Yes, I am probably one of the lowest rated people you will meet that maintains a regular chess blog, but that is the beauty of the game! Everyone starts somewhere and improvement is part of everyone’s game strategy, even Magnus Carlsen or Bobby Fischer. Since June, my blitz ELO has hovered between 700 and 850 and my win/loss ratio overall has consistently stayed at a 25 to 30 game deficit. However, things began to change earlier this week:

The game above is just one example of the wins I have managed to crank out against opponents of varying strengths and playing styles. As of writing this post, I have destroyed my previous blitz winning streak of 6 and replaced it with a current streak of 11 games in a row, now sitting on a blitz ELO of 887. My hope is that sometime tonight or tomorrow, I will be able to break through my next barrier and proceed into the 900s. For many seasoned chess players, this may not seem like much, but to a man who spends much of his time studying, researching, and playing the game, any milestone is another milestone crossed off the list.