Earlier this week I posted an entry where I bragged about breaking my personal-best blitz winning streak on Chess.com. At the time, my ELO was up to 878 and I had not lost a game in four days. However, that streak came to a screeching halt after that post. In fact, my blitz ELO suffered a 60 point loss within 24 hours and I felt as though I was back to square one. However, fate was not so cruel and allowed me to maintain an 850-870 ELO throughout the week. The first game I would like to examine was played on Saturday and was quite the heartbreaker.

On Monday of this week, my seminary studies begin again after a long hiatus. I am curious to see how having school work affects my chess studies and blogging responsibilities. Since I have so much to prepare for this week, I will leave this edition of OMC Weekend Review with the game above and wish all of you nothing but success on and off the board!