It is so hard for me to believe that it is October already. So much great chess has already happened in 2015 and just as quickly as it began it will soon be coming to an end. However, before that all comes to pass we are approaching my single favorite holiday of the year: Halloween! It is always fun to get dressed up and run around pretending to goblins, spooks, and other characters. Having small children I have gained a renewed appreciation for the holiday because I not only get to decorate the house but I also get to take my kids Trick-or-Treating to get candy that I can share with them.

Where to go from here?

After some careful thought and consideration I have decided that I am going to take a short break from making regular blog posts on tournaments or other current chess events. There are plenty of fantastic websites out there that cover live chess events such as Chessbase,, Chess24, and Chessbomb. I am not quitting blogging nor am I quitting blogging about tournaments but I am down to the final two terms of my Master’s program and I am also working to finish a professional certification at the same time. Suffice to say that times are wonderful, but busy! Until I overcome some of the other demands weighing me down I will primarily be blogging about chess education, my games, and other topics that do not require me to follow tournaments with intricate detail and attention. For that kind of coverage, check out The Week in Chess, a site that is the King of tournament reports.

In addition I also have plans to add a plethora of new content to the site. My vision is for Campfire Chess to slowly evolve from a simple blog into a free resource for chess enthusiasts and students of the game to find information that can help them learn more about the game’s history, its methods, and its future. I will continue to update the Campfire Chess Facebook page and Twitter feeds as often as possible, but allowing myself some time to focus on my school and my own personal chess studies will allow me to also work on the new site content and on the greater strategic vision for the future of Campfire Chess.

In the meantime, check out this amazing video of IM Marc Esserman playing chess in Harvard Square in Cambridge, Massachusetts: