Wow! It is 2015 and I can really say is, Where did the time go? It seems like only a few months ago I was putting the finishing touches on my plan to launch this site and begin to share my chess thoughts and journeys with others. Now, we are all looking down the barrel of a new year which will bring new loves, new hopes, new hurts, and challenges. I have to wonder as time continues to pass by at what seems to be an ever-increasing rate, Are we ready for what lies ahead? The world is changing so incredibly fast and it seems to get smaller with every passing moment. Chess games that were once inaccessible to people around the world are now at the touch of our fingertips and even a patzer like Wesley Surber can create and run a moderately successful chess blog. I think it is safe to say: what is this world coming to?

What is New in 2015?

Before the new year gets into full swing, I wanted to take care of some housekeeping items around here and outline the future of this blog. Since May 2014, I have been posting weekly updates with game commentary, news, and reviews. In between those entries were other posts that included product reviews, tournament updates, and other minutia that I felt were interesting and important for chess enthusiasts. Effective today, the format of will be changing slightly. The primary focus moving forward will be on the weekly updates. OMC Weekend Review will remain the official title of these weekend posts, but they will now become the main communication method of news and reviews here on the site. However, there will be intermittent posts made throughout the week as I find necessary and possible, but these entries will no longer be a primary focus for the site. This is due in large part to the launch of my theology blog, The Narrow Path, and also to improve the quality of the game analysis and post content here on

Chess is my game. Chess is our game. Chess is a game that belongs to the whole world, has changed the world on countless occasions, and rest assured that is in it for the long haul. So raise your glasses and let us toast to a Safe and Happy New Year as we set focus on the future and look to make a difference on and off the board.

Sincerely, Wesley Surber Editor,