The 2014 Chess Olympiad is officially underway in the beautiful city of Tromsø, Norway. Magnus Carlsen and the world’s greatest chess players have gathered together to participate in one of the largest and most prestigious chess events in the world. Unfortunately, most of us (including me) live nowhere near Norway, so we rely on the experts at the various chess sites across the internet to give us our fix of what only a very few people get to experience. To help my readers follow the events with ease, I have compiled a list of places you can go to experience the games, the players, and the sociocultural aspects of the event. This list is not all-inclusive.

Live Commentary and Games

Chess24 – This is the official home of the 2014 Chess Olympiad. Visit this site for live commentary, game broadcasts, and photo galleries of the players and playing venue. – Articles, news, and live game broadcasts. – Live game broadcasts and video/audio commentary from Chessbase.

Social Media

Facebook – Official 2014 Chess Olympiad Facebook page.

Twitter – Official 2014 Chess Olympiad Twitter feed.

Instagram – Official 2014 Chess Olympiad Instagram page. Contains various images from behind the scenes and the cultural influence of the Olympiad on Norway.

As I mentioned in the post introduction, this list is not all inclusive. I will do my best to post game collections and commentary at the end of every week, but our move is coming up soon and I might have to preempt some of those updates until September. Good luck to all the tournament participants!

UPDATE (2-Aug-14) – Round 1 is Finished!

Although only 13 of the 30 major players participated in this round, it was an exceptional day of high stakes chess! Check out the results from all the games below.