Avoiding the Chessbase Double-Upgrade Snare Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my series on merging the best of Chessbase, Chessbase Magazine, and the Big Database or Megabase! Yesterday’s post showed subscribers how to take the annotated games from CBM and insert them into your reference database to avoid having to upgrade your larger database each year with a secondary purchase from […]

Carlsen’s Amazing Hamburg Simul

You really have to hand it to Magnus Carlsen. As one of the youngest chess champions in history, he has transformed the professional chess world with major brand endorsements, his own clothing line, his own brand/chess app, and is noteworthy as the first World Champion to develop his chess abilities in the age of prevalent […]

Help the Max Euwe Center

Earlier this week, Chessbase co-founder Frederic Friedel appealed to his chess news audience to lend support for the Max Euwe Center in Amsterdam. The center was founded shortly after his death in 1981 and has since grown from a small museum and collection of books to an enormous collection of chess sets, books, and memorabilia […]

Exploring the Master Class – Bobby Fischer

Garry Kasparov and Magnus Carlsen hold much higher ELO ratings and have won more World Championships than he ever did, but Bobby Fischer is still considered one of the greatest chess players in history. This is due in large part to his absolute domination of the chess world and his single-handed defeat of the Soviet […]