Posted May 6, 2015 in Personal Reflection

Coping with the Downfall

It has been awhile since I posted anything here, but do not fear because I have not abandoned the site. In between work and school, I have done what I can to remain active on although I have struggled recently with a terrible losing streak. For example, this collection of games cost me almost 100 ELO points in Live Chess and some of the games really speak to the devastation that constant stress can cause on a player’s game, even though that stress and distraction does not seem to be at the forefront of the mind.

In the world of professional chess, the US World Championship is over, the Shamkir Chess 2015 tournament is over, but not a single article covering them has appeared here on Campfire Chess. That will change shortly since the site will be celebrating its 1-year anniversary this month. I also have a new downloads section in the works and the Spring-Summer issue of Campfire Chess Magazine is due out in June. There is a lot of great chess coverage and analysis on the way! Just waiting for the right moment to make the right moves…