I am pleased to announce that Volume 2, Issue 1 (March 2015) of Campfire Chess Magazine (CCM) is now available for free download in the publications section of the site. CCM began in September 2014 as a publication of the old OffMyChess.com and was called OffMyChess.com Quarterly Review. The magazine contains some of the same features found in the old publication including annotated games and product reviews, but this year I have worked to incorporate reports and analysis from at least one major tournament per issue. Campfire Chess Magazine is chess from the ultimate amateur’s point of view. Check out the special features in this issue:

  • Product Review – Kasparov: How His Predecessors Misled Him About Chess
  • The Big Deal About Berlin: An Analysis of the Ruy Lopez Berlin Defense
  • The 2014 FIDE World Chess Championship
  • Compiled engine analysis of all eleven games from the tournament.
  • A collection of endgame positions from the tournament.
  • Two of my blitz games from 2014 and early 2015 with move-by-move annotation.

As always, Campfire Chess is committed to sharing the world of chess from an amateur perspective for all people. Campfire Chess Magazine is another tool that can be used and shared with friends, students, and chess enthusiasts to see how the shared love of chess can unite the world.