When 2015 began I was aware that there were certain things coming down the road that would take away much of my time from chess. I thought that much of what I was going to have to do would be balanced enough for me to continue writing regularly throughout, but the opposite has proven to be truth. In fact, the last chess tournament games I have had the chance to watch were some of the first round games from the FIDE Grand Prix Tbilisi 2015. Since then, I have not even had the chance to pick up a chess board or even read an article because my time commitments were so constrained.

Fortunately, today marks the end of those time constrictions and I have quite a bit of catching up to do in regards to researching the state of tournaments and the overall chess world, but now I have the free time to do such things. In regards to Campfire Chess, I am pleased to announce that the first edition of Campfire Chess Magazine will be available on March 1, 2015! The magazine replaces the quarterly OffMyChess.com Review publication, but contains many of the same article types, annotated games, and much more!

See you soon!