I am very excited to announce some major updates to the Reading List and Downloads pages here at the blog!

The Reading List

My goal with the reading list is to offer reviews and purchase opportunities for every chess book I own and/or have read. When a book is added to the list that includes a collection of games, I typically will add a PGN and Chessbase data file for download. Yesterday, I added five new books to the collection:

  • Experts vs the Sicilian – by Jacob Agaard & John Shaw (editors)
  • The Game of Kings – by Michael Weinreb
  • The Most Instructive Games of Chess Ever Played – Irving Chernev
    • Includes PGN/Chessbase data files.
  • The Queen of Katwe – Tim Crothers
    • Includes PGN/Chessbase data files.
  • The Teeth May Smile, But The Heart Does Not Forget – by Andrew Rice

The Teeth May Smile is the first non-chess book to make it on to the reading list and rightfully so. It had a profound impact on me and my perspective of what chess can do for people in dire situations. Check out the Reading List page for more information.

The Downloads Page

The downloads page has undergone radical transformation over the last few months and I am pleased to say that new databases and wallpapers are in-work almost regularly. This week, I was excited to finally finish a PGN and Chessbase collection for Experts vs the Sicilian by Jacob Agaard and John Shaw. This is one of my favorite opening books and I am excited to offer a chance for others that might have picked this book up to use Chessbase or your favorite PGN viewer to follow the moves. Additionally, I have added a new individual games archive for Phiona Mutesi of The Queen of Katwe fame. Check out the Downloads page for more information!