Posted October 11, 2014 in News

National Chess Day 2014!

Happy National Chess Day! Today is the officially unofficial day in America that pays tribute to our game! Chess clubs around the country are holding tournaments in addition to the FIDE Grand Prix going on in Baku, Azerbaijan and the Millionaire Chess event in Las Vegas. Here at, I recommend that you celebrate National Chess Day by either downloading a copy of Quarterly Review or visiting the downloads page to check out the latest additions.

Add some Chess & USCF bling to your iPhone!

The downloads page now features four new wallpapers for iPhone 5 (iPhone 6 Plus coming soon) and two wallpapers featuring the recently reviewed USCF Analysis chess set from Above all, this is a day to relax and do what we do…PLAY CHESS! In addition, to celebrate the occasion of honoring American chess, here is the famous Game of the Century played by Bobby Fischer when he was 13 years old!