Welcome to the first edition of OMC Weekly written in the great state of Texas! This was an exciting week for me as my family and I wrapped up our move to San Antonio and began the long process of integrating ourselves into the community, finding our way to work, and setting up our new home. As for chess, thanks to the internet I have been fortunate enough to continue my studies and my games. My blitz ELO took a nose dive earlier this week and approached the 700 range again, but I managed to recover and get it closer to 900. That equals a 500 point increase in the last six months, which is wonderful!

The first game I want to show is an incredible draw that I managed against a player that had me in a completely losing position. Many of the moves at the end were purely impulsive as time trouble became an increasing problem for both of us.

There is a lot more chess on the horizon as I am currently enrolled in two workshops to help improve my game. One of them is an online workshop presented by Chess.com as part of their Chess.com University. It is a two-day Youth and Novice camp featuring grandmaster lectures and game analysis for beginning players. The second workshop, which I will offer a complete review of once it is completed, is called 21 Days to Supercharge Your Chess developed by The Chess World.com.

To finish out this week’s edition of OMC Weekly, here is an example of the devastating losses I was suffering during my ratings bomb.