The big news in the technology world today is the release of iOS 8, the new operating system for Apple’s line of i-Products. Apple assures us that this is the biggest update of all time for the operating system and they were not lying about that. The download for my iPad weighed in at 1.3GB and required approximately 6GB to install properly. This meant that I had to wipe my iPad clean to get the new operating system to install. A process that has taken less than two hours in the past took approximately six hours from start to finish.

As with almost every operating system update, whether it be for a Windows, Apple, or Android machine, some applications will be broken. The world of chess apps is not exempt from this reality. In the case of iOS 8, I am pleased to report that most of the chess apps I use on a regular basis function properly. However, the biggest problem I have faced comes from the New In Chess app. The application loads and displays purchases, but errors out whenever I try to install a magazine.

If you live and die by the New In Chess app, please consider postponing your iOS 8 update until a fix is issued by NIC. When one is available in the App Store, I will update this post to reflect the changes.

Tested Apps

  • Chessbase Online
  • Chess Score Pad

UPDATE: New in Chess released an updated app for iOS on September 19, 2014.