The Downloads section of the blog is something that I am very excited about. It started out as a simple way to consolidate the PGN and Chessbase database files I was creating for different chess books and publications, but it is slowly morphing into something different altogether. This week I am proud to announce that versions of the OMC wallpaper collection are now available for iPhone 5, iPad (retina), Macbook Air, and the 21″ iMac, with more wallpaper being prepped for launch in the near future.

Additionally, the complete games of Bobby Fischer (PGN | CBH), Emanuel Lasker (PGN | CBH), and Paul Morphy (PGN | CBH) are now available in the Games Collection section at the bottom of the downloads page. Each of these files are available in PGN or Chessbase format and are perfect for exploring the history of some of the game’s greatest players.